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Strategic Account Manager, Europe

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About the position

3Shape’s largest global accounts consist of cross-border subsidiaries across the globe with a vast dental portfolio. Succeeding as a Senior Strategic Account Manager requires a strong relationship is being built with the account(s) and that a common commercial output is shared.

Your main task will be to develop a sound, challenging and tight working relationships with key stakeholders in the account(s); this will include establishment of an ongoing process for the collaboration, ensure alignment of internal resources, stakeholders and objectives to support the account(s). A measurement of success will be regular performance updates for the account(s) internally as well with the account(s)' stakeholders. Obviously, increased sales, high usage rates for the resellers customers and an increasing net promoter score is what we are aiming for.

We expect that you will be able to challenge the account on how it delivers the most value to its customers and be a key driver in exploring new opportunities in doing so together with the account. This position requires a structured, analytical mindset mixed with a can-do attitude. There are great opportunities in helping to shape the boundaries of this role, including the key success criteria.

You will report to the Head of Global Accounts with strong ties to senior, regional and local country management. We expect the Senior Strategic Account Manager to identify, ...

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